How to write a press release email pitch

While she may be old school, the press release continues to serve a vital role in PR.

7 tips for writing a killer press release

Indeed, great press releases do more than keep the media and the industry-at-large informed of your company's recent developments. Email structure Email the media release in the body of an email including only low resolution images. Would your product or service fit into a holiday gift guide? Basic guidelines include anything from 20 to words and somewhere between two and three paragraphs.

Get the message of your press release out quickly. Include this high up in the body of your email so the main hook is front and center.

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Try PingGo today Get full access to press release writing, planning and distribution. Unlock the secret of free media publicity. Subsequent paragraphs Limit the text to four paragraphs, and each paragraph to no more than four sentences.

You can establish this connection by referencing how your pitch builds on a story the reporter wrote in the past and you can establish timeliness by giving an exclusive or connecting your news to something else that is happening at the same time.

Here are a few simple steps to follow. This small line of around 15 words or less is what determines whether you open the email and read on, or simply mark as junk and delete without even opening. Long says you should treat a press release as a purposeful document with a single goal: Writing the actual release date month, day, and year at the top of a press release will help ensure that internal readers do not release it to the public before the specified date.

But even if you do use PingGo to send the press release you should still telephone to make sure the journalist is looking out for the email arriving. Considering that journalists are flooded with potential stories and pitches on a daily basis, making yours stand out from the pack is crucial.

Write short paragraphs—four lines maximum. Make it something simple that brings you a burst of endorphins like a chocolate croissant. Poweful Pictures I also recommend photos and graphics to build visual interest. A press packet also establishes trust in ways that no email attachment ever could.

How to send a media release and contact journalists

Journalists get hundreds of press releases emailed to them every day. No Mass Emails Mass emails make you look lazy. You can produce a funny, educational or compelling video to include in your next email pitch. Now you have pretty much got them where you want them by using your subject and introduction to hook them in and leave them salivating for more knowledge on your topic.

Remove all formatting from the word document before you cut and paste into the email. Heading Make the subject heading: What brand or company is behind this product launch?Sometimes using other publications in a press pitch can backfire. If he had said, "I've been written up in TechCrunch, PandoDaily and The Verge," I'd be less likely to write about it; we share a.

So we have told you how to write the perfect press release, but that is only half the battle. The hardest part is sending it, and getting the recipients to entertain even opening the email, let.

How to Write a Media Pitch (with Examples) Here are some tangible tips and examples that will help you become a PR pitching pro in no time and write a persuasive media pitch. Include your original pitch at the bottom of your follow-up email to help jog the recipient’s memory and provide more context for them.

To see more about how. How to write a press release, pitch it and follow up DUO recently attended a webinar hosted by Leigh Andrews, editor-in-chief of BizCommunity’s Marketing and Media. The webinar was aimed at mastering the art of writing press releases and provided helpful tips and insights.

The most important part of your media pitch and press release is your headline, because this also becomes your email subject line.

How to Pitch a Press Release

It needs to be “clickable’’. Experiment with straight news headlines and clever headlines to pique their interest. Write a press release Get your press release ready and make sure it complies with our publishing guidelines.

Upload files Upload your press release(s).

What’s your line? How to craft the perfect headline and first sentence of an email pitch

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9 Tips for Writing Great Pitch Emails to Journalists

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How to write a press release email pitch
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