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This video below shows the ancient abandoned city on the moons surface that they found, all these videos were released by USAF Astronaut William Rutledge, a brave man. You see, the Apollo missions were suppose to go to 20 or 21, but due to budget cuts they stopped at Apollo 17 moon mission.

If you compare them, for example, with the 35mm photos available from the Apollo 17 Image Library of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, you will recognize almost every part of the capsule inside source: Could there be any truth in the Apollo 20 story?

Truth behind the hoax[ edit ] View of Guyot's crater wall running diagonally through the center of this Apollo 16 photo taken in April while in lunar orbit. Apollo 19 however, had a loss of telemetry for some unknown reason, ending mission data sent back.

So, if his friends have not a very good knowledge of the subject and of the Space history, they could make mistakes in assembling the codecs video with the codecs audio.

It is shot in found-footage style, supposedly of lost footage of the mission that was only recently discovered. He told me he is an American citizen, now civilian, born in Belgium in and employed by USAF as test pilot on various aircrafts.

However, Scantanburlo never met Rutledge in person because he conducted the interview over Yahoo! Snyder in which you can see the details of the presumed abandoned alien spaceship on the far side of the Moon, during the flyover of the Apollo 20 CSM, in my opinion the decisive frames from the historical point of view are the first.

Moreover, one of them has on the back the NASA logo. These videos were from the Apollo 20 mission. The starting point for it are photos that NASA astronauts took in while in lunar orbit during the Apollo 15 mission, the fourth American mission that landed men on the moon.

William Rutledge

Perhaps we would have habitable colonies on the Moon today, or staging posts for trips to Mars. It would be a good thing to disclose and spread the truth about the reality of the extraterrestrial intelligence in the Universe through an unknown historical fact in which the two great powers of the World of the past the USA and the USSR joined together for scientific and peaceful activities, in spite of all their differences and political hostilities.

Apollo 16 photos of the same crater taken a year later show no evidence of artificial structures. No quarantine protocols are evident, and the unqualified astronauts perform crude medical procedures on the alien that clearly would never be allowed in a real NASA mission.

Apollo 20 hoax

The Japanese politicians who spoke in front of the press about possible extraterrestrial intelligence and UFOs did that as private citizens, but they have showed anyway that at least one country is already ready and enough wise to deal with new challenges for all mankind.

The most startling William rutledge all the discoveries was when William rutledge came upon two human like bodies, one of which was totally intact even after over a billion years on the ship. And what can we say about the huge cigar-shaped object he indicated?

Then the airmen showed Wolfe some photographs that clearly showed geometric shapes, well organized and well designed. The article goes on to say that there is a mass of evidence of abandoned cities. Rutledge said the videos show that he and Leonov discovered the remains of an ancient lunar civilization.

And just the year before there was the well-known Apollo-Soyuz mission: Numerous structures, many with lighted windows can be found in the photo. Rockwell died inand since that time the corporation began a series of spin-offs.

For hoaxers to include such a high profile figure as Leonov was risky, as he could simply have come out with unassailable proof that he was elsewhere at the time of the mission and the whole deception would instantly fall apart.

He saw a lot of activity in the hanger that day. We witnessed many signs of biological life forms inside, like old remains of unusual plants in the section that apparently contains the engine for the craft. At that point, NASA cancelled the next three missions, claiming that their budget currently was not capable of funding such an exploit.

These tiny creatures were living in a complex network of glass tubes all along the interior of the ship. YouTube videos[ edit ] The first Apollo 20 videos appeared on YouTube on April Fool's Daya hint that the story was nothing more than an elaborate prank. William Rutledge is a seventy-eight year old man currently living in Rwanda.

She had piloting devices attached to her fingers and eyes, yet had on no cloths. The cavalier attitude towards the alien body is also giveaway as to its unreality. I my UFO book I wrote an entire chapter on it. Journey into Darkness Did a secret Apollo mission to the dark side of the Moon discover an ancient alien lifeform?

But a closer look at the videos Speth posted under the pseudonym of William Rutledge show the clear fingerprints of fakery. There was a writing or calligraphy deeply pressed into every piece of metal.

But again I ask you: One circle-shaped patch appears to be several meter in diameter, the other is clearly three to four times larger than the first.An increase of celestial phenomena till warning by William Rutledge - "retiredafb" on YouTube - in a private message to Luca Scantamburlo.

Dr. William Rutledge, MD is a family medicine specialist in Little Rock, AR and has been practicing for 39 years. He graduated from Meharry Med Coll Sch Of Med in and specializes in family medicine.5/5(4).

Like many such observations, Hoagland’s work is based on poor quality, blurry photos, often nth-generation copies found on the internet. Invariably, when higher quality source images are found, many of these seemingly artificial structures prove to be optical illusions.

Dr. William Rutledge Jr, MD is a family medicine specialist in Orange, TX and has been practicing for 36 years. He graduated from University Of Texas Medical School At Houston and specializes in /5(8).

View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for William Rutledge. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. William Rutledge, also known as Billy Rutledge, (January – 1 June ) was a politician in colonial Victoria (Australia), a member of the Victorian Legislative Council, and later, of the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

Rutledge was the eldest son of James Rutledge, of Ballymagirl (near Bawnboy), County Cavan, Ireland, and Martha, née Forster, of Longford, and reached Sydney, New.

William rutledge
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